Where do Librarians and Information Professionals find job vacancies?

Vacancies - TypewriterLibrarian and information professional jobs are advertised in many different places. The best way to keep up with current job adverts is to focus on the type of informational professional or librarian role you are looking for. Check local papers and council websites for job opportunities (for local council information see here). Beyond the Bun also recommends regularly checking the websites of places you would like to work for current vacancies.


LIS JOBS logo CILIP professional jobs vacanciesLISJOBNET is the primary website for library and information professional jobs. It is linked to the professional body CILIP (Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals). Beyond the Bun features an RSS feeds of their latest jobs on our careers and vacancies pages, or you can do a defined search on their website. You can also sign up for email alerts.


Civil Service Logo professional jobs vacanciesIf you are interested in a job in the public sector then try looking at the National Civil Service Jobs website. Select Knowledge & Information Management job role to get a list of all the jobs in this field. You can sign up for email alerts.


TFPL recruitment logo jobs vacancies professional information libraryOr you could try a recruitment agency. Beyond the Bun recommends TFPL as a good choice for information professionals and librarians, although it is fairly London-centric.


Guardian National Newspaper graduate jobs vacancies professionalThe Guardian Jobs is a good way to keep track of what jobs are currently available in your area.






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