Can you get financial help through funding, scholarships, grants or professional development loans?

Funding - TypewriterAt Beyond the Bun we know the costs of pursuing a qualification in Information Science can be quite expensive. Please check the university you are interested in for costs. There are some ways to ameliorate these costs with scholarship, grants, and loans. Some employers may also have schemes to help with the costs of further education, so check with your human resources department. Beyond the Bun outlines some possible funding sources below.

Scholarships – to find out more about current scholarships see Scholarship Search or Prospects. They provides information about the scholarships available from a range of institutions and information about the award. Some university websites also have information about scholarships, the qualification, and how to apply.

funding - scholarship - bursary - grant - moneyGrants – The Arts & Humanities Research Council offers grants in librarianship, information and museums studies. For information about the grant and how to apply, see the AHRC website. Family Action also offers small educational grants for students on low incomes.

Loans – You can apply for Professional and Career Development loans from various banks. For information about the process, please see site. You will have to repay the loan with interest.


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