A librarian is indispensable in the information ecosystem.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 21.35.51Through some delightful serendipity Beyond the Bun just read something on the marvellous Wikipedia that warmed our cockles.

Tucked in the section on anthropologist Bonnie Nardi is a description of themes covered in a 1999 book by Nardi and O’Day, called Information Ecologies.

The digested read? Librarians search better than computers.

Nuf said.


Why NOT librarian?

librarian information professional debate beyond the bun blogWe here at Beyond the Bun find the term information professional so woolly; most people have no idea what you actually do if you say you’re an information professional. Say librarian and people understand…sort of. Continue reading “Why NOT librarian?”

Who are Librarians & Information Professionals?

librarians information professionals identity visibilityWhile most of the courses available for information professionals encompass more than just traditional librarian skills, many people still refer to these courses as ‘library school’. However, even in libraries, the role of the librarian or library assistant is changing. While many still expect the stereotype of the bespectacled old lady with grey hair in a bun shushing people from behind a mountain of books the reality is very different. Continue reading “Who are Librarians & Information Professionals?”

Why do YOU want to be a librarian or information professional?

With the support of the staff at University of Sussex Library, Beyond the Bun has put together a short video highlighting some of the reasons people want to become librarians and information professionals.

The video also shows that librarians and information professionals do not conform to the stereotype – we have moved Beyond the Bun!

Many thanks to all who participated.