This website aims to bring together some useful information for those hoping to follow a career in librarianship or information studies. We have pulled together information from a  variety of sources to present you with guidance on careers in librarianship and information professions, the recommended courses, and the views of previous students, information about funding available, and once you have qualified, where to find vacancies. We also present selected news and features in our Beyond the Bun Blog.

But first, what is a librarian, and what is an information professional? 

The standard definition of a librarian is:

A person in charge of or assisting in a library. (from: Oxford Dictionaries)

Wikipedia defines an information professional as:

Someone who records, organises, preserves, retrieves, and disseminates printed or digital information. The term is more frequently used interchangeably with the term ‘librarian’, or as a progression of it. (from: Wikipedia)

However, Beyond the Bun suggests that the most accurate definition for either a librarian or an information professional can be found in the Urban Dictionary:

Information master; One to be worshiped; Librarians wield unfathomable power, bringing order to chaos, wisdom and culture to the masses, preserve every aspect of human knowledge and rule the information universe. (from: Urban Dictionary)



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